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It is the place where you can find all possible materials related to submissive girls training. You can follow the amazing process of turning a hot chick in a totally obedient sex slave that is willing to please her owner in all possible sexual ways. It takes only a few days of humiliation, physical punishment and hardcore fucking to turn almost any girl into a sex slave.
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Hardcore boob torture session for a sweet sexslave

August 21st, 2012

sexslavetraining 300x199 Hardcore boob torture session for a sweet sexslave

Breast tortures is an essential procedure for any slave girl so these bitches have to learn how to endure even the most severe pain. This brunette never knew that BDSM nipple can play can be so painful but it is just a time to find out. She gets nicely fixed in the middle of the room with her hands tied above her head and with several restraining sticks which spread her legs. There is a heavy metal bucker which is attached to her hips with some ropes and that is making her position even harder to endure. So master starts to have fun with her nipples and he attaches several clamps right on her buttons and on her areolas. However it is not enough so he puts several weights and a connecting chain also. Now he wants to whip that fresh naked body of his sexy female slave but first he gags that submissive bitch in order not to hear her screams! Net he proceeds with clothespins torture and covers all her medium sized sexy boobies with that stuff. In the end he also brings in some more fun by practicing some cunt torture as well. That was quite a harsh day for this sex slave for sure! If you wonder where to find more sites dedicated to various BDSM games you should check that bdsm review site here.

Marvelous beauty is screwed in doggystyle position with metal hook in the ass

November 27th, 2010

As you can see one cock is not enough for that submissive slut so master decides to stick asshook in her flawless sexy bum. Check that amazing submissive sex gallery and enjoy hardcore bdsm action.

submissivesex 300x200 Marvelous beauty is screwed in doggystyle position with metal hook in the ass

This dominant male punisher has two hobbies – breast torture and hardcore sex in bounds. That is why all his female slaves experience both each time. Today he has nice busty lady to humiliate and fuck and as usually he starts with attaching heavy metal balls to her nipples with use of chains and metal clamps. Now she must serve him orally while these clamps inflict severe pain to her sensitive erected nipples. After that she is fixed in doggy style positions and master sticks asshook in her virgin ass and pushes his cock in her slit from behind. She is a bit scared and definitely feels some disturbance in her bum, but she is going to obey the will of superior master and endure everything until he shoots his cum on her gorgeous nude body

Magnificent Latin babe receives another portion of sex slave training

November 10th, 2010

Check that stunning gallery featuring on of the most beautiful female sex slaves who really deserves proper and quite harsh training!

sexslavetraining 300x200 Magnificent Latin babe receives another portion of sex slave training

That cutie is brought in the dungeons for the next step of her sex slave training and now she has to lean how to cope with sever pain and still be able to satisfy her master with her mouth and of course her punished shaved slutty snatch. In the beginning of that bdsm episode horny slut is put in predicament bondage with her arms securely fixed along her body and mouth bit inserted in her mouth. Now that bitch is ready to be whipped hard! Her round bum and pretty legs are whipped till red color and her boobies are caned my sextrainer. Luckily she has that mouth bit in mouth so master wouldn’t punish her for loud screams of pain! Next she is wrapped in ropes and restrained is a perfect position for penetration so her dominant owner can enjoy tight slave cunt and bang her hard. However it seems that he isn’t satisfied yet so he works on her back door with metal buttplug stretching and preparing it for his cock. Now he wants to screw that narrow asshole and stretch it wider with his cock that is even bigger than the plug!

New update with painslut Mina

August 6th, 2010

Great mixed gallery of sex slave training images and videos starring hot submissive Mina provided by Sex and Submission.

121 200x300 New update with painslut Mina20 200x300 New update with painslut Mina

Her preferences in BDSM are bondage, fixation, various tortures and hardcore sex.  She fully experience all of this in this session. Mina suspended in the air with professionally made bondage and hard both in ass and pussy, after that she gets fixed on the floor and fucked again. Her tits are suffering pain inflicted by clips and she is also tortured with hot wax.  Join Sex and Submission to get access to the huge member zone full of high quality BDSM movies with this and others sexy submissive sluts in sex slave training sessions.

New sex slave for training

July 30th, 2010

Hi everyone,

Today I am posting photos and video set featuring new slavegirl trained by cruel masters from The Trainng of O.

5744 3 New sex slave for training

This painslut is tied with ropes, gets hook inserted in her ass and recieves heavy caning.  She is ordered to slap her well shaved pussy really hard and this excites her making her cunt wet.  Masters make her obey and suck dildo on long stick. At th end of the movie he is used as sextoy, but she can cum only until given permission and she even can’t beg for it according to the rules. Join The Training of O to get access to the full movie and detailed photoset of sex slave training.

Submissive Megan bondaged and fucked in the basement

July 23rd, 2010

Here come some new free content that I got on Sex and Submission website.  Now is the amazing scene with submissive slavegirl Megan, which is held in the basement and used for sexual pleasures of her master.

51 200x300 Submissive Megan bondaged and fucked in the basement13 200x300 Submissive Megan bondaged and fucked in the basement

Her day of sex slave training  begings with some whipping and flogging of her beautiful nake body, after that Megan is chained to the wall and deepthroated by big cock of her master. Releasing from chains is followed by suspension in tight bondage and gagging. Master inserts huge metal hook in her ass and fuck her from behind. Megan is 21 year old flexible girl, so her legs are tied behind her neck and her cunt and asshole are exposed for deep penetration. Master uses her anal for his pleasure and cums deep inside. Join Sex and Submission to see many more submissive sluts tought to behave properly in sex slave action .

Alexa final exam

July 16th, 2010

Hi again,

Today I got 6 excellent videos and quite many pictures with participation of submissive slut Alexa. Today is her graduation test, she has been training as sex slaves for 4 full days and now she must show everything she has learnt.

5354 2 Alexa final exam

This cruel test includes following subjects:

  • verbal humiliation
  • spanking
  • flogging
  • bondage
  • nipple torture
  • pussy torture

After she passes all these sex slave training tests her mistress makes her suck master’s cock and swallow all the come, as a reward Alexa gets powerful orgasm with vibrator. For the full sex slave training session check The Training of O , the website that can teach you how to train fully submissive fuck toy only in 4 days!

Charlotte bondaged and fucked

July 9th, 2010

Hi all!

Check this new great update – pictures and videos with hot horny model Charlotte in sex slave training. She is disciplined properly, tied and fuck really hard.  6 free videos and 15 free pictures from Sex and Submission, great website dedicated to maledom, discipline and hardcore bdsm action.

16 200x300 Charlotte bondaged and fucked18 200x300 Charlotte bondaged and fucked

Charlotte really loves to be Bondaged helpless and used as sex toy.  Now she is tied to the metal bars and mouthfucked mercilessly. After that Charlotte fixed in doggy style so her master can give her some anal punishment, during the session she confesses in her need to pee urgently and she is allowed to do it, but only in the bucket, while still fixed. Later her shaved beatifull pussy also gets some pleasure and in the end master comes in her mouth and she is made to swallow everything.  If you want to get access to the full video of this scene and lots of others sex slave training movies, just join Sex and Submission, website which can definately fulfil all your darkest fantasies!

Another slut is trained properly

July 2nd, 2010

I am glad to post 3 videos and some pictures of new slavegirl training session. This times two rough masters are ready to teach good manners!

5360 3 300x168 Another slut is trained properly

In this video set slavegirl #208 is being trained how to treat with cock. Two masters use verbal humilation and repeated cattle prod.  As the result of this training sex slave must understand that she is only fuck toy used for all possible sex services that she can provided. During the sex slave training session several instruments is used on this useless slut uncluding cat o nine and single tail whip. Also her good behavior is supported with hard pussy slapping.
If you are really the one who is deeply intrested in the subject of female sex slave training, I would reccomend you to join The Training of O so you can feel yourself on the place of this rough guys who has great opportunity to teach women that they must obey in sex slave training session.

Nurse tied up and fucked

June 25th, 2010

Here come new free videos from Sex and Submission! This time it is about sexy nurse caught in hospital, tied, tortured and fucked.

29 300x200 Nurse tied up and fucked

What happens then you disagree with your boss? What you are weak submissive female and he is strong cruel guy who likes bdsm games ? In that case your legs and arms get tied, you are wrapped in plastic, tortued and fucked! This nurse has been really nasty and  she got that she deserved – ropes, flog, rough mouth fucking and sex slave training.
I hope you really enjoyed this great action and want to get more of this! Come and join Sex and Submission to get access to hunfreds of unique bdsm videos with weekly updates or just bookmark this blog and return for some free submissive sex pictures and videos.  I update my blog two times per week and I hope you like it icon smile Nurse tied up and fucked

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